Top 5 weapons to use in PUBG Mobile

There are many different weapons in PUBG Mobile, this article is a personal suggestion. Give your suggestions in the comment section below.

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2018 Rewind Underwater

Some of the best underwater photography underwater were awarded the best underwater photography title by the infamous site THE ATLANTIC and BORED PANDA So, here is a rewind of the best underwater photographs of 2018.

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Android P is the latest android officially launched by its parent company google . This is the ninth android firmware revealed by the tech giant google Here in this article you will learn how to download android and install it on your devices . The links to downloads be provided by Kriyetive . Kreyative is your One stop solution to all your tech relates Informations and solutions, So make sure to bookmark us while you enjoy this article

Catch up with the Latest Tech ( Android P )

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Drone Camera : Best Aerial Photographers

Hello there , welcome to kriyetive 1 min reads, Did you recently see something flying in the air with a camera stuck on top of it and you are shocked to find a kid operating that hazardous, free floating, easy to handle spying device. Well thats the Drone Mounted Camer

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Embedded Selfie Camera : The Next Big Thing

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Photoshop : An Experience Worth Sharing.

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Think Speed Think RED Cameras

Vinay kumar

Virtuix Omnix : A Step up in VR Gaming

suhas kalburgi

VR Games Ahead of Time : Beat Saber

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